Reflection On A Clinical Skill Essay Belletristic Essay

My life as a student nurse is challenging since I have to balance family life with work and my studies.I have to demonstrate key nursing skills, become a self-directed and independent learner, take responsibilities, manage my time and follow rules and regulations of the university.An action plan is presented at the end of the essay to demonstrate the learning aims and activities needed to achieve these aims.These are needed to prepare the author in her future work as a registered nurse.

Learners are identified into at least four types of learners.Medical Humanities at the University of Aberdeen is continually evolving to meet the demands of an ever changing world and the expectations of students.New courses are added each year to reflect this and to broaden the range of options available.‘I am so glad I chose this course because it has opened my eyes to so much that is not normally covered in Medicine.An individual’s learning preference is influenced by motivation, cognitive style, attitude, personality and a student’s stage of development (Cassidy, 2004; Biggs and Tang, 2007).On reflection, I have to consider my own motivation and cognitive style in order to become a successful independent learner.It also offers languages, including introductory level French, German, Gaelic and Spanish, to prepare students for working in regions where these languages are spoken.chosen career which they may not have previously considered.Portfolios of artwork, Online Design, photographic and museum exhibits have been produced in recent years.Many courses contribute to the strong artistic heritage underpinning Medical Humanities.This reflective essay aimed to present the key learning and gaps in knowledge and practice of a student nurse.The Gibbs model of reflection was used to evaluate and analyse the learning needs of the author.

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