Research Papers On Corporate Governance

- Question 1 Corporate Social Responsibility began its rise in popularity in the late 1960s as part of the Civil Rights movement, but it seems to be critical to companies now more than ever.

Although everyone seems to agree that it is a hot topic surrounding businesses right now, what we cannot seem to agree on is if it is “right” for companies to stand firm on their corporate social responsibility policies or if businesses should just focus on turning profits.

Making profit is one of the main targets of every corporates but it must not be the only one.

When an individual builds a company in order to do business, they should be well aware of their contribution towards the society as well as their business and employees in it. We should be able to realize every increment contributes of it.

Through corporate governance is appropriate to lay solid foundations for oversight for oversight and management.

Further, a listed company should establish and disclose the board’s roles and responsibilities in addition to evaluation and monitoring performance....

It was observed that the CSR had much impact on shopper conduct.

This owes largely to corporate scandals that continuously surfaced in various multinational companies.

A few examples are the 2008 chinese milk scandal in the consumer food industry where 6 children died and 300,000 others fell ill, the Nike sweatshop scandal where human and working conditions were well below acceptable standards....

[tags: Corporate social responsibility] - Introduction: Corporate Governance deals with a set of rules and regulations that are prescribed for directing the company’s affairs.

More specifically, corporate social responsibility can be referred as a process which is aim to embrace responsibility for the organization’s actions.

Moreover, it can have a benefit to the people who are regarded as stakeholders, like employees, consumers and communities, which is based on its activities....

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