Research Report In Finance

ROP prepares fixed income analysis that addresses regional and worldwide factors such as interest rate development and buy/sell recommendations for corporate and government bonds.

We offer bond issuance support and evaluate specific credit ratings.

IIF is not a broker-dealer, investment advisor or commodity trading adviser, and does not engage in providing advice on investing in securities or commodity interests.

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The research, analysis and insight in IIF reports should not be construed as investment or financial advice.We investigate contagion risk to the rest of EM from further RMB weakening.During the surprise RMB devaluation in august 2015, commodity currencies like the Russian Ruble and Colombian Peso were hit most, as markets traded weaker global growth and thus falling commodity prices.Understanding competitors and then staying ahead of the competition is increasingly vital to business success.Research Optimus helps its clients operate more effectively with competitive intelligence and specialized financial research services like investment memorandum consulting.Financial Statement Analysis ROP facilitates fundraising and due diligence with M&A support, private equity and venture capital support.We organize data rooms and prepare information memorandums, pitch books and financial models.Introduction of the fiscal rule in 2017 has led to significant reserve accumulation.Debt repayments spiked after the 2014 sanctions but are now less of a concern. This resilience is partly driven by a shift in the composition of exports away from the US and towards destinations like ASEAN and the Euro zone. Despite all this, China’s current account and trade surplus look robust.

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