Resource Assignment Matrix

Determine responsibilities and levels of involvement for each item/person in your Work Breakdown Structure.

Resource Assignment Matrix-47Resource Assignment Matrix-82

In this simple example, we see many of the inter-dependencies associated with project management: Project managers use a Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) to record these roles.They create a table with project activities listed as the rows and people as the columns.Then, for each activity, the people who will contribute are identified and their contribution noted.Similarly, you will need to know what sort of wall to build – how high should it be and how thick. Having built the wall, someone – usually the site foreman – will have to inspect the work and agree to pay you for it.If you are very specialized and the only task you perform is block-laying, someone else might need to do the pebble-dashing, or painting, or whatever finishing the wall needs.You are “Responsible”; the cement-mixer is in “Support”.The choice of notations should be driven by the sorts of roles you envision on your project.The responsibility assignment matrix (RAM) is a table that relates the program/ project organization structure to the work breakdown structure to ensure that each element of the program/ project’s scope of work is assigned to a responsible organization or individual.Larger projects may define responsibility assignment matrices at multiple levels.The following table suggests roles that can be used.Step Five: Communicate When your Responsibility Assignment Matrix is complete, communicate it to all stakeholders.

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