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True, the positive factors of perseverance and courage pervade, but they are not unaccompanied by mitigating narrative factors. I became the prized student - anxious and eager to learn.

That is Rodriguez's image of "scholarship boy" in a nutshell: "For although I was a very good student, I was also a very bad student. Too eager, too anxious - an imitative and unoriginal pupil.

For offering us an intimate look into how we live, and for using television as a vital means for stimulating thought and opinion, a Peabody to Richard Rodriguez Essays.I was a "scholarship boy," a certain kind of scholarship boy. My brother and two sisters enjoyed the advantages I did, and they grew to be as successful as I, but none of them ever seemed so anxious about their schooling.A second-grade student, I was the one who came home and corrected the "simple" grammatical mistakes of our parents."But America isn't a country of family values; Mexico is a country of family values.This is a country of people who leave home." While the book received widespread critical acclaim and won several literary awards, it also stirred resentment because of Rodriguez's strong stands against bilingual education and affirmative action.That is the only way in which he rose to the top, academically.And it is also the reason he chucked the academic lifestyle and moved back with his family.Rodriguez spoke Spanish until he went to a Catholic school at 6. Rodriguez's works have also been published in Harper's Magazine, Mother Jones, and Time.As a youth in Sacramento, California, he delivered newspapers and worked as a gardener. Instead of pursuing a career in academia, Rodriguez suddenly decided to write freelance and take other temporary jobs.Essays on American Life have become one of the hallmarks of the The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, and have previously earned recognition with a Peabody Award for Roger Rosenblatt.The form of the visual essay allows for a rare commodity on television: reflective, thoughtful and thought-provoking examinations of ourselves and our society. Rodriguez confronts the camera, and converses directly with the viewer, thereby drawing us into the unique slices of American life that comprise his subjects.

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  1. This was hardly compensation, but it was something, a dialogue, at least. But, the issue with systemic oppression and cultural bias is that change is not enough. You have to look inwards, and ask the harder questions.