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The theme a person trapped in old time is developed by Faulkner through a whole set of literary devices, among which symbolic images play a substantial role.To emphasize Miss Grierson’s belonging to the Pre-Civil War South, Faulkner surrounds her by objects that symbolize that past.The first and foremost symbol is the house she lives in: a large mansion situated in the once “most select street”, it is furnished with once fashionable objects that now start to decay (Faulkner 90).This miserable decay prompts an idea that the whole bygone splendor was not due to the owners themselves, but due to the everyday slave labor which once eliminated left the house to sink into the past.Thus she reveals her helplessness in face of contemporary society which she can neither accept nor put up with.Her conservatism is her tragedy, since it leads to her misery and destructively influences everything and everybody that gets in Mrs Grierson’s way. “A Rose for Emily.” This essay on A Rose for Emily was written and submitted by user Charity Murphy to help you with your own studies.

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In Faulkner’s short story, “A Rose for Emily,” everything that a person knows is gradually taken away from her gradually leading to her madness.Last but not least, she ignores the public opinion and has things her own way secretly poisoning her disloyal suitor and thus preserves the reality the way she wants to see it.Desperately fighting for preservation of her bygone past, Mrs Emily “prefers rather to murder than to die” (Fetterley 57).She resorts to poisoning Homer, this causes his death.Emily then places Homer in her bed and proceeds to sleep with him. Not everyone has this big of a problem of hanging on to things. In Faulkner’s short story “A Rose for Emily” everything that a person knows is gradually taken away from her gradually leading to her madness.When this is said to Homer it is said that “he was not a marrying man”(366).Once again Emily is destroyed, so destroyed that she takes drastic measures.“She told them [ the ladies ] that her father was not dead”(364).She told everyone this for three days, and “ just as the [ the people ] were about to resort to law and force, she broke down and they buried her father quickly”(364).Barron is “a big, dark, ready man, with a big voice and eyes lighter than his face”(365).Emily madly in love with this man, eventually to the point where she mentions marriage to Homer.

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