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Are you a scribbler, a secret diarist, or a would-be journalist? Find your unique writing voice with the British Council’s Introduction to Creative Writing course.

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Bhau Daji Lad Museum and International Writing Exchange in partnership with Riverdale School, New York.Please ensure you arrive at least 10 minutes prior your appointment time to complete registration by paying INR 500/-.Your level check will consist of a written test for 10 minutes and will end with a speaking test with one of our teachers who will also guide you with the course option(s) suited to your level and requirements based on your test results.CONTACT US If you are interested in taking one of our English language courses or if you have any questions about studying here, please email us at India [email protected] call us at 000 or 353.Step 1: Book your level check To book a level check appointment in Kolkata visit: https://bookeo.com/elckol-britishcouncil Once you have done your booking, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.Our experienced teachers, thought provoking materials and interactive sessions with state-of-the-art facilities are exactly what you need to begin your journey as a writer. Students can purchase books on the first day of their class.The course, however, is not aimed at those wishing to improve their academic or technical writing. Seats are limited and early applicants will receive priority during registration.Step 3: Course registration We offer various course timings to suit every need.We advise you to register as soon as you can to confirm your place on the course since early applicants will receive priority.Specialized workshops attract participants from all over India.Besides one year Diploma Programmes, XIC also offers a series of short, highly intensive, professional MEDIA related and Human related training programmes specially designed to meet essential needs that rapid changes in society are thrusting upon media and business houses.

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