Sample Farming Business Plan

’s guide ‘Figures for a Farming Future – Part II: Mapping out a farming future’ (PDF, 326K).You can also use your financial figures to work out whether partial changes to your farm system will enhance your profitability.She has over 20 years of experience working with cattle and crops.She's worked for a mixed-practice veterinarian, as a sales representative in a farm supply store, and as a research assistant doing rangeland, soil, and crop research.The operations plan is a description of the farm itself, and how it is run.

There are changing markets, high costs, low profit margins, different ways to raise cattle, and niche markets.

To make the best use of the booklet, it will help to have a copy of your latest farm accounts.

Download ’s guide to ‘Figures for a Farming Future – Part I: Using the farm accounts to point the way’ (PDF, 276K).

You should also familiarise yourself with the relevant regulations for your business.

When writing your business plan, consider including: Your financial forecasts should include a cashflow forecast, and projected profit and loss account.

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