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What the writer’s confused state means is not beside the point, because it is the point.

I am in here, somewhere: .” But it is also, I have been taking these photographs as I am dead, and then I look back at these photographs to re-experience what it was like, as someone who experienced themselves as a dead person. It’s very much the same experience, just one is visual and one is more verbal.

I think those were some of the challenges of this book—to not only include the cut-and-dried but to capture some of the more nuanced emotions and sensations as well.

INTERVIEWER In the essay L’Appel du Vide” (originally published on Hazlitt in different form), you write about Francesca Woodman and how her friend said that she was always “single-mindedly thinking about photography,” and that every moment of her life “was in preparation for a photograph,” and then you ask yourself, “Why not, as a writer, create essays in which I myself appear?

Both are ways to get through a very difficult experience, and they’re also ways to remember it.

INTERVIEWER The essays read as lucid and specific descriptions of states that are often misunderstood.

She is equally comfortable in the realms of science and spirituality.

I had a lot of friends who were also visual artists, and also used themselves as subject matter, because you are always there as a model.

It’s interesting to be able to explore all these different ways of looking at the world, whether that’s looking at myself and my own experience, or things that I imagined, or my observations of other people’s experiences of the world.

INTERVIEWER You’ve written through the experience of believing you were dead, and you’ve photographed psychotic episodes.

When I transitioned to being a writer, for a long time, I wanted to rebel against that.

When came out, it really bothered me when people would ask me, How much of this book is about you?

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