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He wanted to find clues and somehow crack difficult codes.

I had to explain numerous times a detective uses critical thinking skills to solve answers just like he was doing for each lesson.

For each lesson, students read a passage on the topic and answer questions.“Critical thinking is identifying and evaluating evidence to guide decision making.Critical thinkers use in-depth analysis of evidence to make decisions and communicate his beliefs clearly and accurately.” We have used many different types of history and science books, secular and non-secular.Passages each have at least five paragraphs, so these are not simple reading comprehension exercises even though many of the skills rely on reading comprehension more than anything else.Each passage has letters identifying every paragraph and numbers identifying every sentence since students will identify paragraphs and/or sentences that support their answers for quite a few of the questions. There are a few true/false and multiple-choice questions, but there are one or more charts or graphs that students need to either complete or interpret to answer questions.My son was a bit disappointed with the history lessons because he focused on the “detective” and the Sherlock Holmes hat on the cover of this book.He automatically assumed we’d be on scavenger hunts, checking longitude and latitude for more clues, or traveling around like Carman Sandiego.Stef Layton is a homeschool mom to two energetic boys.They spend their time outside in sunny Florida or field tripping to see it all in person.The first nine questions are multiple choice answer and number ten is a written response asking A “concept map” follows majority of the reading comprehension questions.This is the first time my 6th grader has filled out a concept map and I appreciated the new opportunity.

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