Secondary Sources Thesis Example Of A Written Business Plan

For the Egyptians he cites the design of the Great Pyramid.

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However, the most useful primary sources are usually considered to be those that were created closest to the time period you’re researching.

The sky watchers kept careful data which they used to predict the movements of the planets, stars, sun, moon, and other obiects they observed in the sky.

Hadingham argues that, while many civilizations watched the sky, only the Greeks were interested in the reason why the planets moved through the sky.

From this, Eudoxus proposed a universe of 27 spheres spinning around earth.

Hipparchus also formed the first testable astronomical theory. Evaluation: I agree with what Hadingham writes and found that his argument persuasive, but he could have made his argument even stronger by providing more evidence of how the governments affected the sky watchers.

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