Six Stages Of Critical Thinking

Without it, we will struggle to make sense of reality.

However, with it, we will open new doors of understanding about the events and circumstances of our lives.

It is these insights that allow them to make effective decisions that further help them overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles confronting their reality.

You will, therefore, have a greater array of information to work with in order to reach effective conclusions about the circumstances confronting your reality.

Our discussion today will delve into the mind of an outstanding critical thinker.

We will first break down the essential qualities of critical thinking, after which we will delve into the critical thinking process and analyze the different types of perspectives that critical thinkers adopt into their everyday thinking routine.

Each of us tends to perceive and understand the problems, events, and circumstances of our lives somewhat differently.

In fact, we believe that our understanding of reality is built upon the foundations of our perceptions. Our perception of reality is actually built upon the foundations of our filtering mechanisms, which tend to interpret how we perceive the problems, events, and circumstances of our lives as a result of the thoughts, beliefs, habitual behaviors and emotions we tend to cultivate on a daily basis.

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