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I have a few new products in my shop you may be interested in. Learn all about Inchies, Twinchies, Thrinchies, Artist Trading Cards and Artist Trading Coins in the Miniature Artwork Package! A Sketchbook on the Theme of the Everyday – My Kitchen As I don’t like carrying heavy books around I decided that I would make a squarish sketchbook of roughly A3 size and work on the four sides of folded paper which I would then bind together when I had enough drawings.This meant that there was no sequence to the drawings and that repeated images, for example prints from my original drawings, were to be found in different parts of the book.Over time it became clear to me that one of my particular interests was figures round the kitchen table.This is a great resource and is recommended for the research portion of your sketchbook.Emphasis is a design principle which occurs any time a component of a composition is given dominance.You may include research found about the artist and the piece, but I also want you to discuss the artwork you have chosen to paste into your journal. Think about the visual elements, what media is being used, the composition of the work, the technique of drawing being used, as well as the meaning of the work.

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The finished book will be due the week of Finals, however please bring the book to class each day as I will review each student’s progress in class periodically.In other words, the designer makes part of the work stand out, in order to draw the viewer’s eye there first.Choose an object to draw (either from real life or from a photograph).Fill the whole page with your drawing, but find a way to bring EMPHASIS to the object you chose.It could be with scale (maybe the object is the largest thing in the drawing- think worm’s eye view) or it could be with contrast (maybe the object is dark and everything else is light or vice-versa), or with color, or position, or by using leading lines… From direct observation, draw a still life with 3 objects. Try to use different weights of pencils to get a variety of shading. In the spirit of the bookjacket re-brand we are starting to work on…. You can incorporate typography, but it is not required.The more time spent on your journal, the better your overall grade will be. You will find that the more you draw, the better you will become.All of these drawings and the weeks to do them are listed in your class schedule below.The photocopy or printout must be of a drawing or print (not painting, sculpture etc.)You must then: This is a research assignment that will take place throughout the entire semester.By the end of the semester you should have 20 artists and your responses to their work completed in your journal.Sketchbook – Please purchase a blank bound drawing book at least 8 ½ by 11 inches.This is an ongoing project which will continue throughout the semester.

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