Song Of Napalm Analysis Essay

They did it through something that affected everybody in that time and space.The artists view spread quickly through the country because of the catchy tune and the viewpoints that are listed.The popular song has become a most revealing index to American life in general.It sums up the ethics, the habits, the slang, the intimate character of every generation, and it will tell as much to future students of current civilization as any histories, biographies, or newspapers of the time.

Artists as diverse as Charlie Daniels, Billy Joel, and Bruce Springsteen created songs which championed the Vietnam Veteran.

As Veterans Ensemble Theatre Company founder Tom Bird explained: If America is going to make something of that war, if we are going to grow from it, then we cannot run from Vietnam and everything about it. This essay examines a unique collection of popular songs of the 1980s which deal with the Vietnam war, and, in particular, the plight of the Vietnam veteran.

We have to face it creatively, and that means through the arts . Unlike many of the protest songs of the 1960s and early 1970s, which generally functioned to denounce American militarism, these songs explored the psychological and moral dilemmas facing the Vietnam veteran.

Protest is not always in the form of picketing outside a private property. Some include picketing, rioting, mass gatherings, strikes, and petitions.

The difference between this and using music as a form of protest, aside from violence, is that music can be done in a way that almost everyone can appreciate. In fact, music is something that almost every human being in the world likes.

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