Spell Out Numbers In Essays Mla

When referring to a decade, never use an apostrophe before the “s.” 1980s Numerical lists imply rank or temporal order (first 1, then 2, or 1 is more important than 2). In lists that are run together in the text and number more than three, use numbered phrases. For numbers less than one, use a zero preceding the decimal point.

three-by-five cards2½ × 6-inch cards Use the numeric form.

Provide both numbers (n) and percents where applicable when reporting data.

Comment on “Apostrophes: One Mark, Three Ways.” with spelled-out numbers.

In statistical copy that calls for frequent use of numbers, it’s appropriate to use numerals, and so the percentage symbol would be used, as in the following example, drawn from a report on a census of language enrollments: Japanese enrollments increased by 3.1%, from 66,771 in 2013 to 68,810 in 2016; Korean enrollments increased by 13.7%, from 12,256 in 2013 to 13,936 in 2016. Since you should never begin a sentence with a numeral, you should first try to reword the sentence.

Provide numbers (n), with percentages (where applicable) in the next column in parentheses.

Use an em dash to indicate entries that are not supplied or are irrelevant; use a zero to indicate that a particular universe has none of the items in question.

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