Sphere Of Influence Essay

However, I believe that the sphere of influence is not only for shopping and work, people from all over the world travel to Newcastle for its vibrant nightlife and fantastic football team.

Questionnaires Questionnaire will be done by asking random pedestrians he questions on the questionnaires while showing them the available answers, so their reply is fair.This transect was not as popular; however it still had a high majority that visited the CBD often.This shows that the more services a CBD offers the greater the SOI is.The coursework is based on Newcastle’s Central Business District (CBD).Newcastle is a vibrant friendly city with a heritage spanning the past 2,000 years.This seems to suggest that the greater number of shops, the greater the population of pedestrians there is. This graph shows that the majority of people visit the CBD once a week or 2-3 times a week. This graph shows that this individual transect is extremely popular because the vast majority of pedestrians questioned, visited that transects 2-3 times a week.I believe this could be because of all the services it offers.Land use transect On each transect I will complete a land-use transect.The land-use transect will be done by mapping out what kind of building there is, such as a store, restaurant etc, and drawing it on the street. This will be done to give me an idea how many or little amounts of one kind of building there is.Metro Center The Metro Centre was built in October of 1995.Located in Gateshead, the massive shopping mall has the widest variety of shops you can find in the whole of the UK.

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