Starting A Small Farm Business Plan

For livestock operations, an inventory of animals would be included here.Details regarding genetics, breeding plans, nutrition plans, animal handling protocol, and animal health plans including vaccination schedules should be added.

This can include a brief overview of succession plans, too, if you have those available. Financial The financial section of your business plan includes balance sheets, income statements, projected cash flows, loan schedules, depreciation schedules, and descriptions of contingency or financial risk management plans. It depends upon having good financial records and discipline in pulling them together into meaningful information on a regular basis.

In summary, putting together a written business plan increases the likelihood of your business achieving success (Scarborough 2011).

This is a great time of year to get started on putting together a written business plan for your farm or ranch operation.

It lets your lender know you have a plan to succeed, which opens up your access to capital.

It also helps you organize your thoughts, clarifying the goals and objectives you wish to achieve.

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