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Mothers who stay at home are able to become fully involved in all these aspects of community life.Of course on the other hand, encouraging women to work increases the workforce, which significantly increases the exports and productivity of the country.Consequently, having more time, suggests that they are more likely to help out in the community or be a volunteer worker at a local organisation.Above all, they will also be more involved in their child's education, for instance, going to PTA meetings, helping out on school trips, or even going to mother and toddler groups.Over time, this will also generate employment for even more people.Because the whole society benefits from giving children the best start in life, don't you think that the government should do more to allow more women to stay at home to look after their kids?These traditional roles have altered over the decades, with more women entering the workforce than ever before.However, there are still women who choose caring for their children over earning an income.

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Personally, if I were to have children in the future, I would prefer to stay at home caring for my children, as I would like to spend as much time as possible with them and not miss out on the experience.

Many Americans feel that, in our advanced society, women should pursue a career rather than adopt the long-established role of a stay-at-home mom.

Some even believe that this doesn’t constitute as a true job because of the lack of a monetary reward or the belief that these mothers aren’t performing much work in comparison with a paying career, even though working from...

It is quite a basic essay with no references and with no real alternative perspective (for example, feminism/sociological) but it is succinct and to the point.

“A mother’s job is the hardest unpaid job out there” this quote could be a quote that a stay at home mother uses when it comes to caring for her children.

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