Stepparents Essay

Often, a child’s reaction is not deliberately bad behaviour, but a sign that the child is not coping with the changes.

It is important for this behaviour to be understood.

Some of the problems they could face in the meantime include: The best way for family members to handle fights and problems is to sit down and talk about them.

Most children and young people who become part of a stepfamily end up liking it a lot.Some suggestions for young people include: The stepfamily is one of the most common kinds of family in Australia right now.A child or young person might feel like no one in the world could understand what they’re feeling, but this isn’t true.Teenagers aren’t children any more, but they’re not quite adults either.Some of the things an adolescent might go through include: Further down the track, even a well-established relationship between step-parent and stepchild can be disrupted.However, in many cases, children and young people grow to like and even love their stepbrothers and stepsisters.It is important to give children enough time to get to know their step-siblings.Children act out their feelings through their behaviour.They may not be able to talk about how they feel about their new situation, but they will show you through changes in their behaviour.It may need to be renegotiated as children reach adolescence.With new stepsisters or brothers in the house, a child or young person may not be sure of their place in the family.

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