Strategic Plan Essay

The use of the Smartphone’s in the world is becoming worse day by the main and important issues with the Smartphone and their use in the society has been discussed in the whole project, the use of different types of the business strategies which can be helpful for the best operation of the Smartphone a number of the research instruments and the techniques have been used for the best operation of the Smartphone’s and to analyse their current market demand in the consumer market, The third type of the case study is based on the fish shop which is situated in the central London and the employer desire to change it into restaurant.the marketing analysis of the different type of the products.Cost leadership strategy helps Primark to create barrier for new entrant to sell same products at lower price.Primark imports from Asian countries where cost of production is very low and buying in bulks help Primark to improve its Bargaining power.The every business success is depend upon the customer wants and the needs that all of the customers are happy are not with the product and the services which are produced by the firm.The market research consists of the collection and collation and the main analysis of the type of the marketing data which is related to the marketing services or the product the current research show that the recently market of the Smartphone’s has been saturated and then the Nokia required new type of the special market segment in order to classify the demands and needs and the consumption of their market products Market research include following areas.Some research shows that the people who are more than 55 they don’t have any type of the mobile phone so in order to capture the market the Nokia has to give cheap call rates and special offers so that the attraction of the customers can be achieved The Smartphone of different typed of the categories have their different types of the target in the consumer market the NPD of the smart phone specially for the Nokia tells that how the Nokia can capture its consumer market by analysing their main current business strategies of the business in the consumer market, , The audit of the Smartphone included the main environmental aspects of the Smartphone like the palm which is related to the main market.

the Marketing Planning are different types of the strategies which are used for the marketing plan of the Smartphone which tells that how the planning process for the smart phone can be improved what production tools are used for the designing of the planning process of the business The statistical reports analyze that the new smart phones like the Nokia effectively changing its main marketing approach.

Primark is fashion conscious targeting under 35s with the slogan "Look good pay less at Primark".

It offers good quality fashion clothes at very competitive prices.

The planning process and their, implementation and the then the most important thing is the emulation of the provided data which will used for the future planning of the strategic processes the result based accountability is one of the major aspect of the strategic planning process which can be defined as the process of the planning of the following aspects where we are right now where we are going? These are steps which are used for describing the whole strategic planning process of the organisation.

The systematically and rationally analysis of these planning process make the firm planning process favourable to the organisational goals.

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