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For it can never enable us in a Lear-like fashion to take upon ourselves the mystery of things.My aim in this essay is to straddle both sides of the string theory coin, the miserable and the would-be majestic.Many famous physicists including the internationally renowned Stephen Hawking have promoted the string theory believing it to be an important step in describing the fundamentals of nature.Both the relativity and the quantum field theory can be combined when examined using the string theory.Without the prerequisite empirical corroboration necessary for a good scientific theory, a latter day David Hume might recommend that string theory be consigned to the flames along with various other dubious and theatrically excessive Idols of the mind.We can venture to say that string theory is both miserable and majestic as a theory of material reality.Its widespread use and discussion online brings all the detail and research data gathered over decades from experts both known and unknown to the world at large.

With the passing of time the string theory became less popular as a scientific knowledge expanded and improved and as a teaching technique it was left behind.Adopting a perhaps excessively critical attitude it is still by no means unfair to say that string theory is a theory en route to nowhere.It is a theory which, at its best, could conceivably capture the essence of material reality at its deepest level; or, at its worst, might be nothing more than an overblown tale with an overly complicated mathematical storyline.Despite twenty or so years of touting in the popular scientific press by its leading exponents, the early promise of string theory is sagging under the weight of numerous and seemingly intractable problems, the most regrettable perhaps being its lamentable lack of empirical backing.Thus the once gloriously heralded future of this peculiar theory of everything could already be behind it.But while string theory may purport to offer scientific solutions to scientific problems, we all know that no purely scientific theory can ever offer anything approaching a solid metaphysical foundation.Thus any proposed or purported metaphysical majesty for string theory would be limited at best.First I will side with those who maintain that string theory does not merit the status of a scientific theory, and secondly I will briefly consider the credentials of string theory in relation to the realm of religion.When Mathematics Masquerades as Science If you were to visit the Rugby school in England you would find a plaque which states that in 1823 a certain student named William Webb Ellis picked up a soccer ball in the midst of competition and ran with it, with a fine disregard for the rules of the game. Many practitioners and students of science and its philosophy might espouse something similar concerning the nature of string theory in that its dream team of theoretical all- stars might be said to have utterly disregarded what we ordinarily consider to be the conventional, by this I mean empirical, way of doing science in a post-Baconian world.Science Fact or Science Fiction A great crooner, if not exactly a great scholar, named Frank Sinatra once sang that he had the whole world upon a string.And as we all know song lyrics can sometimes paint a rather accurate picture of real life, while at other times they venture into altogether imaginative and existentially uncharted territory.

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