Survey On Homework Romanticism Vs Enlightenment Essay

This suggests a disparity between what teachers and school leaders believe is an appropriate amount, and how much is actually being given.

Answers to this question could be separated into four key themes: ability to cope, motivation, time, and performance.

Of course it’s a small sample, but those believing that their strategy could improve dominates these figures.Q8 The final question was designed to investigate two contexts: whether an educator would be willing to adjust their homework policy having identified negative aspects of its current use; and whether it is true that schools are becoming more reluctant to take on new technology because of the enormous influx of Edtech companies advertising themselves to schools and teachers.Conclusions and recommendations Whilst the survey didn’t explicitly ask respondents to state whether or not they believed overloading was an issue in their school (because they have no way of knowing anyway), a distorted perception of the amount of homework given by educators versus the actual amount being given can be deduced from the survey’s results, and certainly something that needs to be addressed, given the consequences of overloading.Results and Discussion Q 2 – Questions 2 and 3 were designed to engage educators in thinking about what constitutes appropriate amounts of homework for year 10 students, considering their home-life context.Once the respondents had quantified this in their own minds, question 4 was designed to encourage reflection on some possible consequences of that time being overrun. The average time indicated by respondents for a student in Yr.The central concern of this context is that students can easily become overloaded with work, which can have both academic and emotional consequences.This survey seeks to achieve two things: to ascertain whether these assertions are valid; and if they are, how willing or able educators are to rectify the issue.Of course this is not how it should be, but I would be surprised if teachers disagreed with this.This situation is highly inefficient, resulting in the ramifications cited in the responses.The rationale is that schools pride themselves on promoting organisation, and certainly encourage students to become very good at it, and yet potentially drop the ball when it comes to transmitting an organised homework policy.Further questions could explore what led 22% of the respondents to suggest that it had no adverse effect on a school’s perception in the community.

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