Symbols In Macbeth Essay

Light in the play is symbolic of protection from evil.Lady Macbeth for example calls for the spirits to stop heaven from pervading the blanket of darkness that would enable her to commit the crimes that she has planned on committing.This is a reversal of nature as horses are not expected to eat each other, and owls are not expected to prey on birds that are larger than them.This reversal is symbolic of the rebellion, and of the upset of the natural order of things that happens when Macbeth starts to commit the murders.Lady Macbeth for example asks for ‘thick night’ with the ‘smoke of hell’ (1.5.3).Darkness in the play is seen as a symbol of the evil that the characters intend to commit.Another symbol that appears in the play is that of water. Water therefore symbolizes the purification of a guilty conscience and the removal of guilt from the conscience. Macbeth violated the rules of justice when he murdered the rightful king, his guest, and his kinsman.

Whenever something evil or terrible is about to happen, night is invoked.

In the second scene of act 1, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth can be seen to embark on their murderous missions.

From this point on, blood comes to be a symbol of guilt.

’ (5.1.30–34)Another symbol that is dominant in the book nature or natural occurrences.

The murders that Macbeth commits are followed by unnatural weather occurrences.

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