Systems Thinking Approach To Problem Solving

To solve the problem, system structure must be understood and changed, so that feedback loops can be redesigned to cause people to behave sustainably as a natural part of their everyday existence.

This takes far more work than writing a few quick new laws and pleading to save the world.

This mode becomes unsustainable when negative feedback loops finally start to push back as environmental limits are approached.

They don’t see people’s misbehavior as the problem.

The term systems thinking is preferred to , which have looser and more intuitive meanings, and emphasize understanding the whole rather than the dynamic structure of the system.

Starting at the top, the faucet position affects the water flow, which affects the current water level.He pointed at people around the room, easily dividing them into those two groups on the basis of who was dull and who was interesting.Then he confirmed his decisions by observing how frequently they referred to TV shows and characters as they chatted, as well as asking some how much television they watched.To understand a system’s gross behavior, understand its structure.To change a system’s gross behavior, change its structure. How a system behaves cannot be determined by inspection of its parts and structure.Everyone in the world can also be divided into two groups based on how they see the world around them: event oriented thinkers and system thinkers.Most people, probably over 95%, are event oriented.They see the world as a rag tag collection of parts and events.Applying this mind set to the global environmental sustainability problem, they see people’s misbehavior as the cause of the problem.The desired water level minus the current water level equals the perceived gap.As the water level rises, the gap closes, which affects the faucet position, which affects the water flow, which causes the water level to gracefully rise to the desired water level, and not overshoot.

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