T Mobile Business Plans Unlimited

"70 percent of business customers say [the buying process] isn't transparent enough ...the best price is the only price, for everyone," he said.Go above 19 lines, and you pay each; above 1,000 lines, they become each. T-Mobile charges by the gigabyte for pooled data for businesses: .75 each for the first 500 GB, .50 after 500 GB, and then .25 after 1 TB.

"Unlimited is a world in and of itself; I can't pretend to tell you the ten-year view on Unlimited," Legere said.The T-Mobile One Plus plan gives you unlimited HD Day Passes, unlimited 4G LTE tethering speeds and faster speeds abroad ("twice the speed," or up to 3G where available).The HD Day Passes are cumbersome, though: They last 24 hours and must be reactivated each time you want to use them.Legere also threw in some sweeteners for consumers, who are almost all of T-Mobile's current base.The company will pay up to 0 per line in switching costs from another carrier, which now includes paying off leases and phone payment plans such as AT&T Next and Verizon Edge, he said.The centerpiece of the event was a new set of wireless plans, primarily for small and medium businesses.They're inexpensive and simple, requiring no negotiation, which T-Mobile CEO John Legere said was a major drawback of existing business plans.That spectrum is much more like the airwaves AT&T and Verizon use to penetrate buildings.While the carrier has been rolling that out across the country, it's been slowed in some areas—like New York—because it requires existing TV stations on Channel 51 to get out of the way.Legere has been lobbying the FCC to make sure the auction rules set aside some spectrum for companies other than AT&T and Verizon Wireless."We will get low-band spectrum in the incentive auction," he said. nobody can get more than 20Mhz and the small player gets a chance." For now, coverage hopes rest on T-Mobile's 700Mhz spectrum, which covers 190 million people.

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