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Please contact us at Using Google Scholar We previously discussed the use of Google Scholar to determine field-specific conventions, including by employing advanced search techniques. Most people know it for its ability to locate places, see them on the map, and get them from point A to B.

Google Scholar Let’s say we’re looking for papers on the opioid crisis.

Citations as a measure of impact How do you know if a paper is impactful?

Some scholars use the number of times the paper has been cited by other scholars.

When searching for a term, what number of search results (also known as “hits”) is enough to indicate that the term is acceptable usage, rather than an error perpetuated in the literature or an unconventional expression? There is no set benchmark, and in any case, looking only at the number of matches in the literature may not be enough; the quality, diversity, and novelty of those matches should also be considered.

In other articles, we described how to use Google Scholar to determine field-specific conventions, how to perform advanced Google Scholar searches, and how Google Scholar is different from Google Ngram Viewer. Along these lines, if only a relatively low number of papers match your search term, even after you have searched for several permutations of the term, you should browse the results with the following three questions in mind: Quality: Are the papers in well-regarded, widely read journals in your field?

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