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Similarly, one of the ‘birthday’ events managed to raise a generous amount of donations.

Partly due to the altruistic warm fuzzies of the holiday season (and also to sneak-in tax-deductible donations before year's end), philanthropy goes up sharply during the last six weeks of the year and spikes 22% on the last two days of the year."As a donor you want to be wary of clicking through any of those applications and providing your personal data," so, instead, let online ads and social media links inspire you to give through legitimate, certified organizations, Minutti said."In general, younger people tend to volunteer more of their time and tend to give less money," Minutti said.Consequently, I agree with Rockefeller in that charity brings harm if it is not meant to help the them have a better life that is not dependent on well-wishers.I believe that charity is necessary and beneficial to the needy only if it alleviates their ways of living through means meant to help them develop from charity-dependent to independent citizens capable of providing for themselves.Charity is Necessary and Beneficial On Conditions Charity is the willingly giving of money to individuals in need in the society, which is coordinated by an organization responsible for raising the funds for the poor. Rockefeller’s quote, “Charity is injurious unless it helps the recipient to become independent of it.” Notably, most individuals only perceive the nature of charity from the perspective that it is necessary and beneficial, which is true, but fails to analyze the damage that charity can have on the people in need.According to Rockefeller, charity is necessary and beneficial on condition that it helps those in need to be independent of the unguaranteed funds.Although it's free for you, the importance of a charity having extra hands on deck during the busy holiday season "can't be overstated," she said.Otherwise, look for cost-effective opportunities to combine philanthropy with holiday shopping, Minutti suggested.Because cash can be especially tight during college, giving-minded Greek organizations, clubs and individual students should research charities before donating, Minutti said.Charities that manage their own finances responsibly are better-poised to stretch donors' dollars, and donating only through legitimate organizations keeps personal information secure, especially on the web. "The very first step obviously is to figure out what things you're passionate about and be as specific as possible," Minutti said.

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