The Crucible Essay Prompts Impact Of Television On Youth Essay

furious, Proctor confesses his affair with Abigail and accuses her of being influenced with the aid of jealousy of his check Proctor’s claim, Danforth summons Elizabeth and asks her if Proctor has been untrue to her.

Mary is despatched as much as bed, and John and Elizabeth retain their argument, only to be interrupted by means of a visit from Reverend Hale.

in spite of her herbal honesty, she lies to protect Proctor’s honor, and Danforth denounces Proctor as a liar.

in the meantime, Abigail and the girls once more pretend that Mary is bewitching them, and Mary breaks down and accuses Proctor of being a witch. The witch trials have brought about unrest in neighboring towns, and Danforth grows anxious.

after they have taken her, Proctor browbeats Mary, insisting that she need to go to Salem and expose Abigail and the other girls as frauds.

The next day, Proctor brings Mary to court and tells decide Danforth that she can testify that the girls are lying.

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