The Five Helpers Essay

The helper should empathize with the person they are helping and not assume that they know how a person feels.

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Think of all the people in your community who do these jobs. They do many different things to help us every day.They provide us with goods (products we use) and services (things they do for us).the police car, the fire truck the mail van, the ambulance etc.Children of Class 1 had an activity in which they dressed up as Community Helpers belonging to different professions.These are the basic characteristics of an effective helper.Above all, an effective helper must completely respect the persons they are trying to help, no matter what their values and beliefs are (Burger, 2011).Many community helpers have easily identifiable work attire or clothes.This makes it easy to know their role in the community and is helpful if you need to approach them for help. With this article they will come to know the various helpers around us and their importance in our life.They will know about our direct and indirect helpers and why do we need them.

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