Thirty Years War Essay Sex And Violence On Television Essay

From 1517 until 1618, Europe was thrown into chaos as revolts, civil wars, and national conflicts flared across Europe.

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It established the state with “Westphalian sovereignty” as the basis of a new Western European order and recognized diplomatic equality among all participating states.

Written in Latin, the document was meant to be a call for scholarly debate about reforming abuses of the Catholic Church, in particular the Papal abuses with regards to issuing indulgences.

Soon the document was translated and spread across Europe, causing a fervor as it spoke to a desire for reform held by many in Western Europe.

It also recognized the rights of the heads of state to determine the religious situation within their own lands and which denomination would be their state religion.

After over 100 years of political, religious, and social discord, a new political order had been established in the West.

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