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To solve this problem “TOEFL Writing” app comes here.Study a huge variety of topics and samples and get ideas from them.So we provide 185 essay topics which each essay has several standard sample answers.Students actually don’t know how to brainstorm and use their time and brain in this task.For the Independent Writing task, you’re receiving a question on a particular topic or issue.You’ll have 30 minutes to plan and write a response to that topic that explains your opinion on it.Do not literally translate from your native language, as the structure and images used to convey ideas most likely vary from English. To hone this skill, read American essays and newspaper articles, listen to music for word rhythm and idioms, and practice speaking and writing in English every chance that presents itself.

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Begin by writing the best essay possible, with a focus on form and accuracy in grammar, spelling and mechanics.TOEFL Writing score is between 0 to 5, by analyzing the “TOEFL i BT Scores” document, we created a chart for estimating your scaled, adjusted score for TOEFL Writing.Use the provided table to convert your score to the necessary 30-point scale.Five-word sentences are fine when combined with longer sentences in the paragraphs.The writer should not compose all short or all long sentences, as the desired outcome is a natural flow such as that heard in regular speech.The last paragraph should clearly link to the introduction, creating a concise and interesting conclusion.Don't worry about choosing long, complicated words.sample essays and meaning of words which used in them.This app allows you to effectively express yourself in standard English writing, and to get a high score on the TOEFL test.Simple word choices can clearly demonstrate meaning.Use strong verbs and make every word count, avoiding filler or flowery language.

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