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Of course, the market needs of the global poor differ greatly from the needs and consumer behavior of the more affluent communities usually targeted by mainstream marketing.Research into BOP marketing covers the kinds of products the poor need, to how to reach low-income consumers.

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In the case of dissertation research, the study of marketing also includes a number of emerging fields, each presenting a distinct possibility to study a phenomenon as it develops and shapes the course of marketing.

Bottom-of-the-pyramid (BOP) marketing refers to marketing efforts that target low-income consumers.

While these consumers have relatively little purchasing power as individuals, the needs of the global poor represents a huge market demand as a whole.

A qualitative study amongst marketing managers involved in promoting alcohol and cigarette products.

2.2.7 The impact of body language and gestures on global communication: to what extent can misunderstandings arise, and how does this impact on sales?

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