Verizon Internet Business Plans

But if you contribute a lot of content to the internet, you’ll be twiddling your thumbs.

covers over three times the number of states as Verizon, but there’s very little overlap in their coverage areas.

While avoiding a credit check may or may not be a priority for you, it’s notable that Verizon puts one less hurdle between prospective customers and high-quality DSL service.

An average household of average users won’t have any trouble navigating multiple devices, even if two are streaming video simultaneously.

Uploading is another story, and neither Frontier nor Verizon will be able to meet the demands of gamers or vloggers.

Verizon Fi OS’ speeds leave the capabilities of DSL in the dust.

Verizon DSL delivers consistently fast speeds and a wide variety of speed tiers. While Verizon isn’t the fastest DSL internet you can find (actually offering some of the slowest speeds out of the big DSL players), its speeds have a track record both for consistency and for outpacing the advertising.

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