Ward Churhill Essay

Meanwhile, during this period and ending only in 1939, Winston Churchill, although a continuing Member of Parliament and belonging to the party in power, held no position in Government.

His views on several subjects, including Germany’s aggressive plans, were unwelcome to his party.

They are looking for weapons, and, when they have the weapons, believe me they will ask for the return of lost territories and lost colonies…We must not forget that we have disarmed.

Alone among the nations we have disarmed while others have rearmed. Thanks to the efforts of Germany’s military leadership, Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany in January 1933.

Now the demand is that Germany should be allowed to rearm.

I have respect and admiration for the Germans, and desire that we should live on terms of good feeling and fruitful relations with them; but we must look at the fact that every concession which has been made—many concessions have been made, and many more will be made and ought to be made—has been followed by a fresh demand.

Although no further entries are allowed, the following material demonstrates how the contest works.

For the next school year there will be a new topic, which will be announced this fall.

Britain pushes for a policy of disarming France and Britain, and allowing Germany to reach equality of arms with the other two.

Germany, however, was already rearming far beyond the limitations of the Versailles treaty.

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