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The interviews convey Bromery's personal role in procuring the papers held by Shirley Graham Du Bois in Cairo, Egypt and the papers held by Herbert Aptheker in New York City. Umbra Search is a metasearch engine that concentrates directly on primary and secondary sources of African American history.Further information on Bromery's life is available at the National Visionary Leadership Project, which contains a series of video interviews in which he conveys his life experiences and career (among which is the video regarding Du Bois's papers). As a metasearch engine it compiles results based on the search hits of the various repositories that it specifically accesses, such as the Digital Public Library, the Credo repository at the University of Massachusetts Amherst Library, the collection at Yale's Beinecke Library, and many others.Ed Pompeian is the interviewer, asking questions about Ely's Israel on the Appomattox: A Southern Experiment in Black Freedom from the 1790s Through the Civil War (NY: Knopf, 2004). Students of Atlanta University gathered data for this report, which Du Bois acknowledged within the document.The interview is posted at the History News Network site (sponsored by George Mason University): Negro in the Black Belt: Some Social Sketches" [NBBS]. • The Boston Evening Transcript (7 June 1899: p.10, col.5) printed a summary of the NBBS entitled "A Study of the Negro; Interesting Sketch of Types in the South".The primary sources include: Because many of Du Bois's publications are not—or at least not yet—available on the Internet, I do not claim to provide a full and complete listing of all of his works.I will, however, add more links to r Posted below is a link to the text of Du Bois's "Address to the Country" ​(ATTC) as published in The Broad Ax newspaper (25 August 1906), and which is available on this web site."The Renaissance of Ethics: A Critical Comparison of Scholastic and Modern Ethics." 1889. JWJ MSS 8, Box 3, Folder 57)[Finding Aid], which is housed at the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Yale University.

Umbra Search hence does not substitute for a focused search of individual repositories.In the next section below comes a listing of primary texts written by Du Bois as well as any related materials by him or other authors.The follow­ing drop-down menus provide an easy way to peruse the items listed on this web page; by clicking the desired selection one can jump to view its details.Mass figures, if they are to be made of any use, must be interpreted in the light of detailed study of specific classes and localities, and Col.Wright is giving great value to the Bulletin of the Department of Labor by inspiring such investigations."The Renaissance of Ethics" (TROE) is accessible at the W. The manuscript contains marginal comments by William James, the professor. Du Bois, the text titled "The Afro-American," which likely dates to the late autumn of 1894 or the winter of 1895, is an early attempt by the young scholar to define for himself the contours of the situation of the Negro, or "Afro-American," in the United States in the mid-1890s.Du Bois the student discussed the limitations of scholastic philosophy and the important role that science has in attempting to discover the ultimate ends/goals of the world. It is perhaps the earliest full text expressing his nascent formulations of both the global "problem of the color-line" and the sense of "double-consciousness" among African Americans in North America.The ATTC is posted as one of my digital humanities projects. Du Bois Papers." The Crisis, 87:9 (November): 359-364].The Credo online repository of the Du Bois Collection of primary and secondary materials at the University of Massachusetts Amherst library provides a searchable and browsable interface for examining the materials found within the Du Bois holdings at the library. Library of the University of Massachusetts Amherst (no date provided). Buckley), a "Scope and Content of the Collection," and a "History of the Collection", there is a detailed inventory of the collection with its items corresponding to their location on the various reels of the microfilm set.Related Information: Charles Edward Burrell, in his A History of Prince Edward County, Virginia, from Its Formation in 1753 to the Present (Richmond, VA: Williams Printing Co.,1922), covered the history of the county in which Farmville is located.While Burrell discussed African Americans in the county (search for the word "Negro"), his overall -- and patronizing -- perspective is evident in his justification of the disfranchisement of African American males (see, e.g., -- a town where Du Bois had conducted some of the sociological work that was published in his Negroes of Farmville, Virginia (1898).

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