What Music Means To Me Essay Ap World History Comparative Essay Past Prompts

I’ve been thinking a lot to the purpose of music lately.

It’s especially a good reminder as an educator as to what music means to my students.Brainstorm ideas and jot them down, so they can be reshaped and formed into your definition.I'll remind you that part of defining something may be telling what it is do.What is music and what does it mean to you is a personal, subjective question.That means your answer can't really be wrong; it will simply either be...It reminds me as I teach how important music is to our culture.It makes it exciting to be a music teacher, while at the same time gives me a responsibility to show the benefits of music in their life. What music means to you is a little more complex, but it's still a discussion of your own thoughts and feelings.A few questions you might want to explore include: When do you find yourself listening to music?Is it something you play or listen to out of habit or necessity? Perhaps you only listen to it when you're in places where it's being played, such as church or elevators or department stores--if so, why not more? Is there any aspect of music which is personal and experiential to you (i.e., do you sing or play or write your own music)?Take one or more of the issues above, add any others you might have in mind, organize your thoughts into some kind of order, create a clear thesis statement, then write.

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