Where Should Graphics Be Placed In A Research Paper

For example, I recommend Jennifer Widom's Tips for Writing Technical Papers [Widom 2006] or "How (and How Not) to Write a Good Systems Paper" [Levin and Redell 1983].

In recent years we've seen papers at SIGGRAPH that describe the HDR photo processing pipeline in modern smartphone cameras [Hasinoff 16][Wadhwa 18], practical VR video generation pipelines [Andersen 16], the design decisions behind the implementation of the widely used Open VDB library [Museph 13], and that of systems for large-scale video processing [Poms 18].

We tend to call these "contributions", a term I've increasingly come to appreciate as it embodies what a good paper does for the field.

Problem characterization requires a system architect to spend considerable time understanding an application domain and to develop knowledge of hardware, software, human factors, and algorithmic techniques in play.Kayvon Fatahalian, Stanford University Addendum: I've added a few additional tips for conference papers chairs, papers committee members, and papers sorters."SIGGRAPH hates systems papers," I've heard frustrated researchers say.) and GPU vendors wanted flexibility to rapidly evolve GPU hardware implementations.These goals were quite different from those facing the creators of prior shading languages for offline renderers and were ultimately addressed with an approach that was basically "C for graphics hardware", instead of a graphics-specific shading language like RSL.In contrast, articulating and defining the right problem to solve is a critical part of systems research --- often this is the hardest part.Good systems thinking requires an architect to internalize a complex set of (potentially conflicting) design goals, design constraints, and potential solution strategies.), so from our experiences building systems in this area, we can distill these experiences into a specific set of system requirements.These requirements may not be obvious to readers who have not spent considerable time thinking about or building applications in this space.Without question these efforts have carved out an important place in the graphics community, as well as in the broader tech world.Ask researchers throughout computer graphics to name defining characteristics of their favorite papers.

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