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For example, before its pivot, Android used to be a camera operating system.

Nokia dealt with woodworking and paper production before and Pinterest, at the very start of its career, used to be a shopping app and it wasn’t a social network (although recently it has returned to its e-Commerce origins).

Without a proper modelling of a white paper it would be difficult for a project team to perform a successful ICO procedure : few people would be willing to invest in a project lacking proper information on the technology and on the previous business experience of team members.

You may find some tips on creating a high-quality white paper, and several real successful examples below. A good white paper should have the following sections:• a problem;• a proposed solution and the product description;• a description of the token commercialization (product interaction with economy and technical provisions of commercialization);• team members;• tokens issue and perspectives.

The market has already established its own ICO guidelines and one of them insists upon the creation of a special document, “a white paper”.

Every team needs to provide a project description in the course of ICO using this document.

Andrew Chapin, blockchain expert and the founder of projects and Ship Ninja, described the perfect white paper in a Hacker Noon column. One of the most important elements of the white paper is usually the information on the project team, despite the fact that it is frequently placed at the end of the document.

According to Chapin, any investor-angel can tell stories about investing in a strong team with a bad idea, because he believed in their abilities of creating a valuable product in the course of their activity.

The white paper is a document determining the technology of a blockchain project.

The purpose of your white paper is to provide innovative solutions to that problem.

Your Brafton content writers will work in conjunction with your strategist and project manager to map out the white paper as it relates to your prospective customers, your product or service, and your commercial goals.

Content creation at Brafton starts with a strategy.

Before writing a white paper, we help you map out how to use the asset as a marketing tool that will generate leads.

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