World Problems To Solve Writing A Research Paper Abstract Apa Style

Solution: UARoads uses mobile apps for tracking road conditions with a gyroscope while the user is driving and processing this data on the server using a special algorithm.Thus drivers can choose safer routes when travelling between cities.Solution: Recyclebank uses gamification methods such as points for making progress, rewards in the form of discounts on goods and the competitive element to encourage people to recycle waste.Recyclebank has improved recycling in more than 300 communities and currently has over 4 million members.Country: South Korea Problem: Deforestation is responsible for 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions.Planting new trees and whole forests is important for maintaining the natural balance but not so many people are taking action.

Solution: Maya Pedal is repurposing old bicycles to create pedal powered machines which allow people to do such work as pumping water, grinding corn etc.I’ve picked 10 startups that are truly committed to achieving sustainable development and improving the quality of life.Read more: Why going low tech (sometimes) works Country: United States Problem: Recycling household waste is important but it’s often hard for people to stay committed to this goal.We are used to seeing new startups that promise to make our lives easier by handling our shopping or finding perfect clothes for us.But what about startups trying to solve bigger, more pressing, offline problems: deforestation, lack of green power sources or even poor quality of road surfaces?Since biomass is available 24/7 their generator is both sustainable and very reliable.As you can see from the examples above, startup culture is blooming around the world with many new-born companies trying to solve problems that are far more pressing than the lack of yet another chat app.much quicker and therefore produce more agricultural goods for sale and improve their financial situation.Country: France Problem: Supermarkets often have to throw away food due to expiration.Data is collected on roads that require urgent repair.UARoads currently have over 39,000 registered users and the total length of the recorded and evaluated roads is over 42,000 miles.

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