York University Creative Writing

Relevant examples of contemporary topics, themes and images will also be used to illustrate the importance of analysing the media.

Overall this module provides a range of skills that will be essential to producing successful work as an undergraduate.

A key element will be to encourage the idea that studying is fun as well as hard work.

Media, Culture and Society This module aims to explore theories and concepts associated with analytical readings of the media.

This broad approach allows you to decide on what really interests and choose your own path as to what you want to develop as your expertise.

Critical Perspectives The module aims to introduce the understanding that differing critical perspectives are possible in the consideration and analysis of any given media text or texts.

Our Creative Writing and Media BA allows you to develop your own creative potential with words while also getting to grips with analysing media.

You’ll enhance your practical, transferable skills through improving your writing, communication and research capabilities.

Drawing upon this material you will explore media issues in relation to persuasion, tone of voice and dialogue.

In doing so, you will analyse the ways in which media texts and images operate and start to question what they can learn from them.

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